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Holiday Fundraiser

We truly believe that all children should be given equal exposure to STEM and art and encourage them to display creativity in scientific fields. This is why, in the coming holiday season, we hope to spread the love of learning throughout the world. Our goal is to raise $500, which will go towards helping our organization obtain resources and maintaining our workshops, which do not have a charge. 

In addition, 25% of funds will be used to create learning kits, which will be donated to underprivileged students in India. The learning kits will contain items such as notebooks, writing utensils, rulers, and protractors, as well as fun activities to bring kids joy and foster interest in STEM and art. We also request you to consider corporate matching. We will truly appreciate it and wish everyone a joyful and prosperous holiday!

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Help us out!


Help ArtStem, a non-profit organization by donating any amount of your choice to our organization. 

Your donation helps us sustain our organization, fund new courses, expand our reach and develop more new innovative and engaging offerings to students. 

Now donate using PayPal! More ways to donate will soon be available! 

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